Discovery Profiles

Using the Insights DISCOVERY framework, we tailor Personal Effectiveness Workshops for individuals, groups of individuals or working teams. Each individual receives a comprehensive DISCOVERY Personal Profile and the approach is fun and interactive.


The Profiles help individuals understand their own personality better and creates a memorable and colourful understanding of personality types, strategies for development and communication with others.

The Personal Effectiveness Workshops are tailored to customer requirements and can range from a 90 minute briefing, full day session or a series of modular sessions including one on one coaching over a period of weeks / months

The Personal Discovery Profile is a robust development tool. It reveals….

  • How perception influences thinking, behaviour and approach to work situations
  • The Insights colour energies and how to spot them in ourselves and others
  • How to manage communication to get the best response
  • How to influence more effectively
  • The importance of ‘Adapting and Connecting ‘ with others who are different to us
  • How to set effective goals and strategies and apply the learning back in the workplace

Download a sample DISCOVERY profile