Developing Authentic
Leadership & Teams

Develop your authentic leadership, inspire others and perform at your very best – all when it matters most

In our dynamic world, leading yourself, your teams and your organisation through the turbulence is becoming ever more demanding. Are you facing the challenges that many of our clients are experiencing?

  • Increased expectations about delivery more and delivering faster?
  • Understanding and leading around your true self – being authentic in your approach performing to higher standards from less resource?
  • Building a high performing mindset – your own and for your team?
  • Keeping motivation and morale high in virtual, agile and matrix structures?

How can Si Consulting help?

If you are looking to work on these challenges, and to make noticeable and sustainable positive impact on your performance and the performance of your team, then come and talk to us. Si Consulting can help in three clear ways.

  • To help people develop new ways of thinking about themselves, their work and their potential.
  • To inspire individuals through strong self-awareness and better understanding of others.
  • To build sustainable improvements to the way individuals, teams and organisations perform.
  • Team Facilitation

    Immersive and interactive team sessions, that encourage safe but challenging opportunities for members to share authentic views about real and current issues affecting their team.

  • Leadership Coaching

    One to one coaching interventions for managers, leaders and executives, these sessions are challenging, open and aim to provoke a deeper awareness in the individual around current and real issues they are facing.

  • Consulting

    Bespoke business consulting service designed around defined organisational requirements. Si works with clients to improve systems, processes and returns based on core activities, for example sales, customer service, operations or financial management.

  • Speaking

    Drawing on extensive leadership and corporate experience, Si provides formal speaking engagements including conference keynotes covering topical and engaging subjects impacting the world of business and sport.

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